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Skin Care 101 for Everyone

Skin Care: gina anne

Cleanse – Tone – Moisturize…OH MY!

Cleanse, tone, moisturize…oh my. Yes, it’s that easy; learning a home skin care routine is pretty simple and important. All you need is a wee bit of time, consistency, and some knowledge. Sooo…what is skin care 101 for everyone? I’ll teach you.

Starting with the basics; taking care of your beautiful face. Yes, you & your beautiful face! This is one thing I wish I had learnt growing up, maybe in high school or health class…How to Take Care of Your Skin – 101. & your beautiful face.

It wasn’t until I was 24, from my friend & colleague Oki, an esthetician, who taught me the importance of skin care, a skin care routine and how to eat sushi, but that’s another post. 😉

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” -Coco Chanel.

Then, we take care of our skin.

First, we want to cleanse the face. CLEANSE!

Second, tone the skin. TONE!

Finally, moisturize. MOISTURIZE!

1 – CLEANSE! A face cleanser is applied to the face and then removed. Face cleanser cleans the skin, removes make-up, oils, dirt, and pollution. Depending on your personal preference of squeaky clean…is the avenue on which face cleanser to purchase. Do you like a lather, foam, cream, or soapy texture? Face products make all kinds. I will suggest my favorites at the end of this post.

2 – TONE! Yes. Some people may argue, NO toner…but this. is. my. FAVORITE step… of the skin care 101 for everyone. A toner is the most invigorating feel for your beautiful face. Cool spritz, sweet aroma, and hydration. A face toner freshens, revitalizes, and hydrates the skin. Toners also, stop the cleansing process, brings the skin back to homeostasis (balance), and WAKES YOU UP! Again, personal preference… what toner smells the best? Choose toners without alcohol, although some are good alcohols, lean toward toners with natural aromas (essential oils) vs. synthetic smells (chemically formulated). Choose toners with the least amount of ingredients. The reason why toning is my favorite step is because you can tone anytime…not just am or pm. At the office to rejuvenate, in the sun to cool off, on a run for a burst of energy, or at yoga to breathe sweet.

3 – MOISTURIZE! The third step is to lock in the moisture. No matter what climate we live in everyone needs MORE moisture for the skin. Yes, even oily skin types need this hydration. Moisturizers protect & hydrate the face. It adds a barrier to our skin and protects it from the outside environment; whether it be sun, rain, smog, or sleet.

And, there you have it! Practice this at home skin care routine every am & pm. More consistency with our health and wellness = more positive habits = your beautiful face.

be you. be kind. breathe sweet.

gina anne

Here are some of my favorites:

cleanser: AVEDA’s botanical kinetics exfoliating creme cleanser, Eminence’s Monoi age corrective exfoliating cleanser, & Perfectly Posh’s BFF: Best Face Forever BFF: Exfoliating Face Wash

toner: AVEDA’s botanical kinetics skin firming/toning agent, Kerstin Florian’s rehydrating neroli water, L’BRI’s gentle freshener & Yon-ka’s lotion.

moisturizer: Eminence’s Arctic Berry Peptide Radiance Cream & Perfectly Posh’s Never Grow Up Face Creme. Never Grow Up Anti-Aging Deep Moisturizer

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