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Spring 10×10 Style Challenge

What is my style & how does it define me?

Spring Style: gina anne

Spring 10×10 style challenge & everything I learned!

Yes, I like a challenge, an adventure, a new experience. I get restless, I like change. Why not try a wardrobe challenge? Playing on a micro capsule closet. I dig deeper, I research more. I love experiments, and this seems fun, light, gitty…a way to change up my daily routine. I first heard about the 10×10 wardrobe this winter. I tried the 10×10, loved the challenge then came back for more, this spring.

In 2015, I started following capsule guru, Caroline Joy, of Un-Fancy. Her minimalist closet philosophy struck a chord, so I raided my closet, her concept guided the way.

Does this spark joy? Marie Kondo helped as well 😉

This winter, one of Un-Fancy’s blog posts led me to the wardrobe 10×10 guru, Lee of Style Bee. There you have it, a challenge born.

“Because trying something new, even something tiny, can be a powerful reminder it’s never too late to change your life.” –Caroline Joy

The basic guidelines I follow, but not to be too hard on myself, too strict, or too restricted. I choose 10 items of clothing, create them into 10 different outfits, and wear these outfits over 10 days, and have fun all while doing it. Accessories, jewelry, scarves, hats, bags, undies, pjs, and yoga pants not included. YES! I honestly spend most days in athleisure wear because of my work. I think about doing a yoga 10×10, hmmmm, someday?  🙂

Why do this challenge? -via Style Bee

  • reinvest in my closet
  • take a shopping break
  • open up creativity
  • find my own personal style
  • good for trips
  • maybe a capsule closet is in my future

Spring 10×10 Mood Board

  • check the weather
  • note daily activities (work, trips, special events, hot date 🙂 dinner, ect.)
  • take less than 20 minutes scanning my closet
  • pick my favorites (shoes, jeans, t-shirt, ect.)
  • grab by intuition
  • stick to a neutral palette, also add a playful patterned piece

What is my style & how does it define me?

Welcome to my spring 10x 10 closet!

Spring 10×10 Micro Wardrobe: gina anne

My pieces included:

  •  4 tops (2 short & 2 long)
  • 2 pants
  • 2 pairs of shoes
  • 2 dresses

Outfits 1-5

Spring 10×10 Looks 1-5: gina anne

At the half way point I really love all the pieces I chose. The challenge is running smoothly. I easily plan my outfit in my mind the night before. I found a new passion for the pink top I rarely wear, maybe because spring colors are pastel & soft to me, pink is this color. The polka dot dress I’ve had for over ten years & usually wear it as a light coat. I wore it as a dress again, forgot how sweet it is. 🙂

I wore every piece this week, except for one top. Neat! I did laundry Friday for a fresh start to Monday. Happy to have the weekend to wear my runner ups I left behind for this Spring 10×10.

I didn’t do any clothing swap outs, but I did need to add leggings, tights, and a sweater due to the cooler temps. The spring 10×10 feels easier than the winter 10×10 thus far.

Outfits 6-10

Spring 10×10 Looks 5-6: gina anne

I feel like this week breezed by. My only struggle was mid week, day 8 on Wednesday. I had great ideas for my white pinstriped button down, I really love it, by itself (how I wore it on day 1) with jeans. I wore again on Wednesday with my black dress & the top felt too constricted with the tie knot. I tried to wrap the white stripes around my waist, still wasn’t me. Some clothes are meant to be worn alone.

On day 9, I didn’t have a wardrobe struggle, but I had an internal, emotional struggle. An inner shift about technology, social media…it’s difficult to explain. The selfies & photographs became draining, taking up time, weighing in on my perfectionism – my obsessiveness.

“Be still, breathe sweet,” I whisper. I make this self realization & turn a new, spring leaf!

Day 10, I wore my best look. I saved it for last, felt flirtatious, springy & back on track. I know my style, I have fun with this small Instagram Spring 10×10 community. I love watching everyone create neat outfits, looking at how each style from all over the world is unique, yet similar – different, yet playful. I found some pretty fun blogs along the way as well.

All in all, I learned to have fun, be playful, don’t take your clothes too seriously. Creativity is in all things even your closet, my style hasn’t changed too much over the years…I like free flowing, boho chic, natural, down to earth, rustic & the color black in my wardrobe. I love accessories, my scarves.

Working toward a smaller wardrobe, finding ease in a clean closet, enjoying the simplicity of an outfit and the idea of minimalism brings me joy.

Style defines me by allowing the world to see a tiny spark of my personality wrapped around my body…defined as clothes, an outfit, art, rags, fashion, style…whatever you will.

Hopefully, you will join me on my next 10×10 adventure.

Much gratitude!

be you. be kind. breathe sweet

-gina anne







Chemical vs Enzyme Peels

Chemical vs Enzyme Peels, what’s right for you?

Pining for Pineapples: gina anne


A chemical peel exfoliates or peels off dead skin AND living skin cells. PEELS OFF skin. Working beyond the outer layer of skin and into the deeper layer, the dermis. Chemical peels are made of chemical compounds varying from degrees from superficial the (alpha hydroxy acids) to deep peels (trichloroacetic acid & phenol acid). Deep peels can only be done once…think Samantha from Sex & the City. Two to three weeks to heal scaling, swelling, or blisters may occur before the skin starts to rejuvenate again. Smoother, less wrinkles will reveal in the face.

An enzyme peel is a bit gentler on the skin. Enzymes pull away or peels ONLY dead skin cells. Loosens the outer layer of skin on the epidermis and binds to this skin and sloughs off. Enzyme peels are good for all skin types. Depending on sensitivities will depend on the enzyme needed. Enzymes are natural compounds, easier on the skin. There will be no hiding in the dark after an enzyme peel.

Natural enzymes are mostly found in fruits. Pumpkins, bromelain from pineapple, papaya, blueberries, and even japanese mushrooms are enzyme examples.

Chemical peels can be alpha hydroxy acids, lactic acids (sour milk), glycolic acids (sugar cane), malic acids (apples), trichloroacetic acid (vinegar) and salicylic acid (strawberries & wintergreen). Both peels turn over the facial cells improving the overall texture and appearance.

“Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been.” -Mark Twain


  • Chemical Peels – regenerate healthier, radiant skin. Improves the elasticity and collagen to decrease wrinkles. Evens out hyper pigmentation and sun spots.
  • Enzyme Peels – soften and smooths the skin. Making the skin appear bright, youthful, radiant. Enzyme peels are also great primers for serums to penetrate deeper into the skin seeing positive benefits quicker.

Talk to your facialist or esthetician and decide what is right for you. If you are still at a loss here are some of my at home favorite peels.

  1. Perfectly Posh’s Pineapple Pick-Me-Up exfoliating fruit enzyme face mask Pineapple Pick-Me-Up: Loaded with fruit (pineapple & papaya) enzymes, acai and mangosteen extracts. Goes on clear, leave on for a five minute savasana, breathing sweet, and rinse with warm water, apply your favorite face toner. YES!
  2. DIY facial: Organic pineapples blended up with plain yogurt gently apply to face and leave on for 5 to 10 minutes. Enjoy some fresh water or a glass of wine, then rinse and viola. Use a moisturizer to follow.
  3. Eminence’s Bright Skin Licorice Root Exfoliating Peel Pads. This comes with organic cotton pads, a textured side and smooth for the face.

As an esthetician, my favorite professional peels to give give during a treatment are:

be you. be kind. breathe sweet.

gina anne






Hey, Girlfriend!


Thanks, Girlfriend GIF: gina anne

This just in…Girlfriend Collective leggings.

Hey, Girlfriend have you heard the news. A new clothing line featuring eco-friendly, made responsibly leggings. Are you in? Well yes, of course! I’m sitting here, staring at my computer, eating a tasty veggie burrito & sipping on some Skinny Girl. Supposedly it’s National Burrito Day…and I’m wondering how to describe these fantastic pants.

My aunt sent me an email back in January sharing the news about free leggings. BLINK! She heard from her daughter (my cousin) who already owns a pair of these smooth black cats. WHAT! How can you say NO? I didn’t. Heck, what’s another pair of black leggings…minimalism goals & free leggings goals 🙂 AND!!! They are made out of plastic bottles. Yes! How many people drank from my pants? Girlfriend Collective, [takes post consumer water bottles, removes the tops & stickers shred the bottles into mini tiny chips. Then, process those itsy chips into minuscule, extremely soft fibers & this becomes their yarn. The yarn becomes the leggings] in which I’m wearing as I type.

So I dig deeper, I go to the website and order a pair. Yep, free pair of leggings, with a small glitch noted immediately by the company. The shipping and handling is $20.00. But wait, this is all because they are shipped from Vietnam & need to go through customs. A lot of traveling these little beauties do. Yes, this is right, traveling from Vietnam.

Hanoi, Vietnam to be exact. The factory where these satiny leggings started their debut. From the GFC tag, “The factory, made in our SA8000 certified factory…specializes in high-end knits. our leggings are lovingly constructed by people who know their stuff. To top it off, they provide fair wage, safe & happy workplace as well.” I love when I know where my clothes came from. Girlfriend Collective launched their line this winter. The full line is coming this spring. I am so happy to be writing about Girlfriend Collective and sharing the joy of these flirty black leggings, and excited for the rest of the fashion line.

I check the mail March 22 and THEY. ARE. HERE!!! I am so ecstatic I don’t even open the cute white envelope with lovely GIRLFRIEND COLLECTIVE typography stamped on the package. I send a picture to my aunt instead & wait a day. The next day is like Christmas morning. I strategically paw at the envelope, touch, photograph, & try them on immediately. Image the woman laying on her bed pulling on her tight jeans. Yep, that’s me. The slick pants fit like a glove. Tight, sultry, smooth. Woah! They feel slippery and ultra soft. Not soft like a puppy, but soft like a seal. AND, puppy fur does not adhere to these pants. Dog fur brushes off so easily, this is my favorite quality of these leggings. BONUS! The pants also have a little pocket on the inside of the back for your key or money while your out and about showing off your new “girlfriends.”

My first look is an athleisure look for work. Throwing over a striped dress and my rain boots. The next day I teach yoga in them. Bendy, strong, irresistible. They don’t stretch too much. These girlfriend’s contort to my figure, rocking my curves. I love the seams, the line in the leg. The waist is high, not what I am used to…but slowly falling in lust. The material is crafted out of “polyester, recycled, spandex, sheer-proof, and soft as a cloud full of kittens” -GF Collective tag. Beautiful marketing! The third look, I run home grab my pup & take him to the park to walk the trails. These leggings are perfect for the walk. I feel light, breezy, fast.

Detailed washing instructions is also included for the Girlfriend Collective leggings. Love your pants, care for your pants. A cheeky red card which reads, “Thanks, Girlfriend” is included! With all these sweet gestures I feel this company cares about me & the world we live in.

Here are a couple of looks in my “Girlfriend Leggings” having fun, breathing sweet.



Girlfriend Leggings: athleisure work


Girlfriend Collective: yoga class


Girlfriend Leggings: trail walking


Thanks for reading. Do you have a pair of Girlfriend Collective leggings? Tell me what you love about your pair & how you show them off. Can’t wait to hear.

Investigate Girlfriend Collective Leggings for yourself: GF Collective

be you. be kind. breathe sweet.

gina anne

Triangle Pose

Trikonasana: gina anne


How do you get yourself into a triangle? Give yoga a try. 🙂

In yoga class I adore triangle pose (trikonasana), there is so much lengthening in the limbs, opening the heart, grounding in the feet. I love teaching triangle in class as well. Holding the class in this grounding extension. Arms fly high and ease fills the studio.

I chose this pose for spring because triangle pose is fun, open, slightly detoxifying and springy. Triangle pose gets the name because two triangles are made with the arms and legs. We are working the front leg’s hamstrings and the back leg’s gluteus. The spine twists slightly and the arms extend freely one down to the ground while the other yearns for the sky.

“If you were a triangle, you’d be acute one!” -unknown

Feeling springy? Put on some airy tunes & let’s get into triangle. Start in downward facing dog. Step your right foot forward, spin the back foot down. Rise into warrior II pose. Straighten the front leg, hips move back, right arm moves forward, yes…now tilt into triangle pose. Left hand to the sky. Gaze at your foot, to the side, or for full expression rotate your head. Set the focus on the top hand. Five deep breaths here. Inhale…Exhale! In & out…breathe sweet. Three more breaths. Relax, tranquil, serene.

Notice how the feet ground into the earth, feeling lines of energy up through the knees stretching into deeper movement in the legs and hips. The spine twists kindly amidst the thoracic back. Open the heart space to the side, shine some light, dance to the music. Detoxify through the core…intestines, liver, pancreas twisting, squeezing, massaging. The arms are open, fun, and free like a bird in flight. One more deep breath in, exhale the arm down to the floor. Stepping back to downward facing dog. Bend the knees to the floor, head rests down. Another breath.

Bring gratitude to the physical body for being such a gift of movement and feeling. Compassion to the mind for being able to focus on breathe. Getting yourself into triangle is a joy, a blessing, a gift…and this is why I chose it for spring beginnings.

be you. be kind. breathe sweet.

gina anne

Word of Caution: 

  1. some yoga knowledge is required to practice triangle
  2. please consult a physician if you have any doubt about practicing triangle
  3. for a learning experience look up the yoga poses new to you and find your triangle
  4. read this to a friend and be their teacher. 😉


Grapefruit Infused Water

Grapefruit Water: gina anne

Grapefruit Infused Water – Spring Fling!

I came up with this yummy spring fling concoction…grapefruit water, with blood oranges, and mint leaves. Some say fruit infused water is detox water. I say it’s sipping water with fruit dancing around with all the chunks of ice. Sure, you could drink this solely and call it a detox. But, let’s get hydrated. The fruit slowly infuses out into the water adding a hint of sweetness to the mixture. What do you say? Detox water or infused water.

Every spa I have worked at usually puts fruit in the water for an esthetic appeal. Guests love fruit in their water. The pitcher looks pretty, the water is cold, and the fruit is colorful. I was pondering after my ‘hello spring’ post of a light cleanse I could do this weekend. I am not in the mood to do a serious cleanse where I only drink juice for three days. I am in the mood for something easy and light. Hence, I chose grapefruit soaked water.

“I am a grateful…grapefruit!” -Bjork

I also added a blood orange because it looked very appealing at the grocery store. Some mint leaves to throw off my taste buds. And, going back to the esthetic appeal. The green looks springy in my water. Plus, the mint worked as expected, tastes great in the water.

The best thing about this water is cutting up the fruit and smelling the citrus aromas, the mint is yummy as well. Grapefruit is rich in antioxidants which fights free radicals. High in lycopene and fights cancer cells. The aroma of grapefruit increases dopamine levels in the brain which makes us feel happy, cheery, sweet. Perfect way to reenergize this first week of spring.

Grab your favorite pitcher fill it half way with ice. Cut up the grapefruit and blood oranges in half, don’t forget to take a deep breathe. Inhale the sweetness & exhale breathing sweet. 😉 Then, slice a couple of citrus wheels. Cut the wheels in four pieces like a pie. I only used 1/2 of a grapefruit & 1/2 of a blood orange. Place in the pitcher. Pinch off some mint leaves toss those in for added bonus. Fill with purified water. Place in fridge. Wait about a half hour to allow the infusion process to dance on. Fill up a tall glass of water & enjoy your grapefruit infused spring fling water concoction. Cheers!

be you. be kind. breathe sweet.

gina anne

My Favorite Grapefruit Products: 

  • Perfectly Posh’s Oh Snap, Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme Oh Snap, BFYHC
  • Perfectly Posh’s Don’t Be Bitter, Baby – BFYHC Don’t Be Bitter, Baby
  • Yon-ka’s Pamplemousse Moisturizer
  • Eminence’s Balancing Masque Pomelo Cheek Treatment.